We Do Hydraulics


The branch of science and technology concerned with the conveyance of liquids through pipes and channels, especially as a source of mechanical force or control.

Services that we provide

South Shore Hydraulics provides high quality, 24-hour expertise for all of your hydraulic and pneumatic machine repair and installation needs.

Providing sales, service, troubleshooting and repair for your industrial manufacturing equipment, our services also include lubrication, electrical, tube and pipe fabrication, hoses, welding and controls. South Shore Hydraulics also designs and builds custom power units and provides cylinder repairs, leak repairs and pump repairs.

Industries That We Serve

South Shore Hydraulics provides service to a vast variety of industries, including:

  • Steel Manufacturing
  • Stamping Manufacturing
  • Production Welding
  • Farbrication Industry
  • Excavating Industry
  • Extrusion Industry
  • United States Coast Guard
  • Maritime Industry
  • Medical Industry
Does your hydraulics system need some work?